Sunday, July 3, 2016

Move Your Bus

Happy Sunday!

On this beautiful Sunday morning I coming to you with the first week of the Move Your Bus book study. I am so excited to see who will share their thoughts with Mrs. 3rd Grade and myself  on this fantastic book.

Clark starts of his book by talking about the 5 different types of people on the bus. The first is a runner. Runners are very hard working and energetic. They keep the bus moving at a good pace and have a positive attitude about their organization. Even though they are very self motivated and hard working they still need guidance and support. You don't want a negative runner.

The next passenger on the bus is a jogger. Joggers move slower than runners but they still have a good pace. They are dependable and will reach expectations; however they will rarely go above expectations. They believe they are doing all that can be expected of a person in their position. Joggers also need to be noticed and have their work appreciated. Its helpful to surround them with runners as they absorb the energy of the people around them. Runners will motivate them to do more than they normally would.

Following joggers are the walkers. Walkers do not have a good pace. They just move slowly through their day with the occasional stumble. They love to point out all the things that are wrong with an organization and to spread negative energy. They are very focused on themselves and do whatever they can to get others to move at their pace with the same negative attitude.

Behind the walkers are the riders. Riders do not contribute at all to the movement of the bus. They have a very negative attitude about the organization and will do just enough to keep their job and fly under the radar. They do not contribute anything to the overall success of their workplace.

Finally we have the leader of the bus: the driver. The driver has a very important role. It is their job to guide the bus in the right direction and to work with his or her passengers to keep it on track with great momentum. One way that will help a driver to be successful is to get the riders of the bus. They are only hinder bus. The driver needs to focus on the runners. Make sure that they are encouraged and have what they need to keep moving. If the runners are supported and encouraged they will continue to move at their fabulous pace and spread their positive energy around to others on the bus.

Reading all of the descriptions of the jobs on the bus was very interesting and a really easy to follow and place into the workplace. I look forward to coming to you all again next week with why runners are important.

Have a great week!

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