Sunday, July 24, 2016

Move Your Bus: Ways to Keep the Bus Moving

Good Morning!

On this beautiful Sunday morning Cassandra and I are talking more about Move Your Bus by Ron Clark. This Sunday's topic is ways to keep the bus moving. 

As you read through this book Ron Clark lists so many ways to keep the bus moving but there are a few that really stand out to me. The first is to be positive and not spread the negative. Every organization is going to have its problems but continually gossiping about those problems doesn't make them go away it just spreads a negative vibe and slows the bus down. Instead focus on all the positive things that are happening and all the blessings that your organization has. This will help you to keep moving through any moments of struggle. Positive vibes keep you going!

The second is to work hard. Every job requires you to work hard and continually put in effort to keep the organization successful. When you have a feeling of entitlement you put in less effort and stop striving for greatness. This slows the bus down greatly. You need to always keep working and striving for greatness. Everyone on the bus should be putting in the time and effort to keep the bus moving and keep the organization successful. You are not entitled to your position.

The last one that stands out to me is being efficient. Make sure you are staying focused and doing your best to check things of your less. Staying focused and being efficient with your time and energy is important for you and for those around you. Your efficiency contributes to the team and keeps the bus moving. Letting things go slows everyone down. Always strive to complete things in a timely manner to keep the bus moving.

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