Sunday, July 17, 2016

Move Your Bus: How to Become More Like a Runner

Good Morning!

On this beautiful Sunday morning I am teaming up with Mrs. 3rd Grade to talk a little more about the fabulous book Move Your Bus by Ron Clark. This week's focus will be all about how we can be more like a runner.
Runners set a a great example for others to follow. They have a set of characteristics/attributes that we should strive to follow. 

Runners are those people who get to meetings early and come prepared to take notes. This shows everyone, boss especially, that they are prepared to listen and participate. They will also read the mood of the room before they make any suggestions or bring an idea to the table. They won't be pushy about their idea either because their main goal is the success of the organization not whether or not their idea is used. They are present in the meeting and look interested throughout the meetings/conversations. This would mean that you can't work on your lap top or grade papers; both of which I am guilty of doing.

Runners will also dress professionally and be personable to those they come into contact with throughout the day. That means saying hello, smiling, and making eye contact with everyone, even those that you may not get along with. It is a way to bridge gaps and build relationships. 

The biggest things we need to take from runners though is how they move. Their pace and constant presence at their workplace is something to strive for. They are always participating in the events of their organization and they are always striving to improve and keep the energy moving. These demonstrate a strong work ethic and a desire to be a part of a team. 

Runners are the types of people that organizations want to have. These characteristics will help you to become more like a runner. They will help you to show those around you that you care about the organization and that you want to help keep the bus moving at its best pace. 

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful Sunday!

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