Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday Made It

Good Morning!

This morning I am linking up with Fourth Grade Frolics for her amazing Monday Made It linky. I have come across so many fun ideas through this linky.
I am truly blessed to work at a Christian school. I get to teach bible lessons each day and share my faith with my students daily. Along with their Bible lessons students are required to memorize a verse each week. I went through our Bible curriculum and pulled verses to go along with what we are learning each week or to go along with a special activity that is happening this week. I mapped it all out for the year and then made posters and score sheets to go along with it. I also updated the first grade verses for my teaching partner so we are both ready for the new school year.
I love working with vocabulary words and I really try to make sure that my kids know what words mean no matter what subject we are in. To go along with our new math curriculum I gave my math vocabulary packet a complete update so I can better utilize it and the math vocabulary with my kids. 
My last item for today is not a classroom item or product. Our home "office" has become the room where everything we don't want out goes to hide which made it super messy and cluttered. This meant that I would work on the floor in our bedroom, my daughter's playroom or the kitchen counter. Not ideal spaces but it worked. My hubby surprised me this weekend though by starting to set up the office as a real workspace for me. I have a new printer and when its completely set up I will have all my teacher tools out in the open with easy access and a comfy chair to work in. Its a little cluttered at the moment but its a start : ). So excited for everything to be set up now that its cleaned out again!!

Have a happy Monday!


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