Monday, July 18, 2016

Monday Made It

Good Morning!

After a wonderful weekend with friends and family I am linking up with Fourth Grade Frolics I am surprised I got anything done. I have been lacking some motivation this last week, but after spending an evening with some amazing bloggers/teachers/creators I  have some motivation and creativity again : )
Last year at Meet the Teacher I had a bottle of bubbles with a cute tag waiting for my firsties. I decided that I need to do something different this year since I am moving to second grade with those same kids. I settled on a goodie bag. I have used these for various activities in my class over the years but this was the first back to school one. This is the tag I came up with. It will look great on my blue Astrobrights paper : )
 I am so excited to give these to my kids and to see how they have grown over the summer.

Well this is all that I completed over the weekend other than many pretend play activities and park dates with my sweet little girl.

Have a wonderful week!


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