Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Explore Like a Pirate: Chapter 5

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This morning I am linking up with Sweet Sweet Primary for chapter 5 of Explore Like a Pirate. 
 In this chapter Matera talks about the different gamer personalities and key elements to creating games. The four personality types are summarized below.

The goal when creating games for your classroom would be to know in which group each of your students fall so that when creating teams you have a nice mix of these personalities. Having a mix of these personalities on each team will give them a nice balance. Achievers and Griefers will drive the team to gain that prestige of making it to the next part of the game first or getting a piece right before others. Your socializers will hold the team together because their main focus is building relationships and making memories within the game. Finally your explorers will push your team to find the hidden elements of the game and encourage creative thinking within the team.These personalities are very different but when placed together within a team setting they can do great things. 

After learning about the different gaming personalities Matera went on to discuss different elements that are important to include within the game. He pointed out that you want to create something that students are drawn to and can relate to so that they are engaged in the game. Make sure that the activities you create are not so difficult that students can not achieve mastery but that they are not so easy that students breeze right through the challenges. Try to find a balance to keep the confident but also challenged within the game. 

Creating competition is also good for your game environment. It encourages teams to bond as they are working together to finish before other teams. When done correctly it can also be motivating for students because they will strive to become stronger or more creative in their thinking the next time around. 

Finally you want to make sure that whatever they are striving for in the game is connected to the game. Make it something worthwhile to them so that it is desired and keeps them engaged and striving to reach the end to gain that prize. 

This was only the tip of the iceberg of information in this chapter. I am looking forward to seeing how he takes these pieces and weaves them together in the game models he will be sharing in the coming chapters. 

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