Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Explore Like a Pirate: Chapter 3

Good Evening!

So today is all about catching up from visiting family and travels, hence the late post this week. In this post I am linking up with Rachel from Sweet Sweet Primary for chapter 3 of Explore Like a Pirate. This is a great read! I encourage you to join us if you can.

In the beginning of chapter he does a comparison of old world teaching versus new world teaching. He showed this to emphasize how our thought process needs to fit our students of today and not the students of the past. We need to reach our students on their level and instill in them a desire and passion for learning. They should want to learn. The chart below shows a few of my favorite comparisons. 

Changing our way of thinking and making learning exciting for our students will reap so many rewards. We don't need to make everything game complicated and over the top. Even the simple games like Jeopardy, Are You Smarter Than a (Grade Level), etc are all simple games to put together that students love. We can start their and work our way to other games full of strategies and levels as we feel more confident. 

"Trust in the process and believe in yourself." -Michael Matera



  1. I loved that analogy Matera made that since kids are used to game worlds changing with each level, they will be adaptable to changing up strategies every new unit. Makes so much sense when you put it that way! See you for the next chapter!

  2. Changing our way of thinking is key in reaching students where they are today. There's definitely a shift in learning styles so we naturally should be shifting teaching styles. Thanks for linking up!

  3. You're so right - we don't need to add all these game elements at once. It would be so overwhelming! Great things will happen if we start small and build up from there. Can't wait to read chapter 4!