Sunday, May 1, 2016

May Currently

Good Evening!

Oh my goodness where has the time gone! I can't believe we are already in May. I feel like this year has gone by faster than normal. To start this month off I am linking up with Farly for her final Currently linky.

So this weekend has been exhausting so I am lacking the energy right now to move to a location in the house where I don't have to listen to my hubby's crazy TV shows. It makes for some weird background noise.

The lack of energy  is totally worth it though. We have company coming next weekend so we gave our home the deep, company is coming, spring cleaning. My house is so sparkly clean right now and I am loving it!! Its a little sad to think that it won't last long though. Either way I just need it to stay sparkly for the craziness of this week.

My mom, sister, brother in law, and nephew are all coming into town this Thursday. They are coming to help celebrate my sweet little girl's second birthday. I am soooooo excited to have my family here but at the same time a little sad. I can not believe my baby is going to be TWO already. Time goes by sooo fast. I really want it to slow down a little. Since I know that won't happen I am making the most of all the little moments that I can.

To make this coming week and weekend a success I really need to get over this head cold. The difficulty breathing is really beginning to drive me bananas. Today was a little better so here is to hoping that tomorrow is even better.

So now for some truth....I am sad to see this school year end but not because of the kids. That sounds bad but I have the privilege of moving up a grade with my kiddos next year so I don't see the end of the year as a sad moment with them. I am sad because some of my closest friends will no longer be working at the same school with me next year. I have been truly blessed to work with these amazing ladies and it makes me sad to think that I will not be working with all of them each day. We will all stay in contact with each other because we are friends, but selfishly I want them to still be working at the same school. We had made some great memories and will make a few more before our last school day together this year.

That's all for now. Have a great week!