Sunday, April 17, 2016

Peek at My Week: Week 15 2016

Hi Everyone!!

So I can not believe that its been almost two months since I last blogged. Its been a crazy two months, but I am back and so ready to rejoin the blogging, instagram, teacher network world!!

I figured the easiest way to jump back into blogging would be to give you a little glimpse into what will be going on in my classroom this week. We are going to have lots going on.

This week we are finishing up our plant unit. We will be talking about everyday items that come from plants. This will be another activity for their interactive notebooks. I love interactive notebooks!! I am so happy that I decided to do one for science and social studies this year. They have added so much to my lessons. Anyway, we will also be using celery, carnations, water, and food coloring to watch how water travels through a plant. Finally we will take the end of unit test. This unit will be posted in my TpT store by Wednesday. Just need a few pictures to add to the packet to complete it.

We will end the week talking about bears. Our original plan was to take a field trip to watch the premiere of the new Disney Nature Earth Day movie  but it looks like it will not be available this Friday. So, in its place we decided to watch one of the older ones that we had not seen and do a unit of study on that. We will be watching Disney Nature's Bears. The kids will be thrilled and my teaching partner and I will have 1 hour and 30 minutes of grading time. That sounds so selfish, but it is a much needed sanity gaining moment.

We will be diving into 2D and 3D shapes this week. The kids got a little taste of our activities on Friday and they were excited. They will love all the shape building activities we have planned for this week. We will also be continuing our Smart Cookie math time tests. My kids were totally freaked out by these when we first started them, but now most of them get upset when I skip a day. They have done amazing with them. I am so proud of how much they have grown in their confidence and their math skills.

My plans for the week are below and under those are links to all the packets that I am using this week. 
Smart Cookie Math
Thankful Thoughts
Facts About Bears
All About Plants
Second Step

Thanks for reading through my plans for my upcoming week. I hope you all have a wonderful week!!


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