Friday, January 1, 2016

Currently - January

Good Evening!

Tonight I am linking up with Farley over at Oh Boy Fourth Grade for her Currently Linky.

Tonight I am enjoying my first night of free time in a month. My hubby is playing his new PS4 and my sweet baby girl is sound asleep. This means that I have free time to do as I please. So I am loving my free time and using it to catch up on season 4 of Hart of Dixie. I absolutely love this series and I am so excited to finally have the chance to binge watch and catch up.

Unfortunately I am also having thoughts sneak in about how much work I should be working on instead of binge watching a tv show. If only I had a few more days of vacation. But that's what I always say. I will get around to finishing the work and the report cards that won't finish themselves. I will just get to it tomorrow.

All in all I can sum life up into one word: happy. My life is busy, crazy, messy, overwhelming and so much more but I wouldn't change any of it. This messy life makes me happy and all the family and friends that I have been blessed with make my life happy each and every day.

Have a wonderful night!



  1. Binge watching is good! Sometimes, we just need to be able to "escape" for a bit. Happy is a great word. So want a few more days! Enjoy the rest of your break! < a href="" >

  2. Good luck with your report cards Ashley! And I always say binge watching is good for the soul :) Hopefully a bit of Wade & Zoe will help get you through.
    Stars and Wishes

  3. I have to finish report cards too! I am glad I'm not the only one. I just have to do the comments though, so I feel pretty good about that!
    Curriculum and Coffee

  4. I LOVE Hart of Dixie! I was so sad when it ended! Your report cards will be fine! It's nice to have a little break from reality every now and then!! I hope that your sweet baby girl let you get some rest too!! Enjoy mama!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade