Sunday, November 1, 2015

Currently: November


I can not believe it is already November 1st! Where did October go? I love this time of year but it definitely goes by quickly.

This afternoon I am linking up with Farly over at Oh Boy Fourth Grade for her Currently linky.

I love that the Hallmark channel begins playing Christmas movies on November 1st and plays them all day and night until Christmas. Its my favorite time of year!

I am also so very excited that cooler weather is finally making its way to Arizona. It is now finally starting to feel like fall here. I'm hoping that the temp will drop even lower so I can pull out my sweaters and boots.

My want and need are the same today. I want another day to rest and relax to get over this bug. Both my daughter and I have it. I'm hoping I feel better tomorrow when I head back to the classroom. If not it will be a very long day.

I have not really eaten a whole lot this weekend but I love all the yummy pumpkin treats that come out during this time of year. I am a big pumpkin fan!

Have a wonderful week!


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  1. Christmas is totally my favorite time of year, too! I love Thanksgiving and all, but nothing gets me excited like hearing Christmas music and putting up the decorations. I'm definitely starting to obsess over what I'm going to give everyone as well. Such a fun time of year!

    Paiges of Learning