Sunday, October 25, 2015

Peek at my Week: Week 10

Hello Again!

I am returning again to join DeeDee Wills at Mrs. Wills Kindergartern for her Peek at my Week linky. Come join us if you can!

 Last week we ended our pioneer unit and we always end with a Pioneer Day. It was so much fun but it was incredibly exhausting. I wrote a post about it yesterday, feel free to read through that and see the adventures we had.

This week will thankfully be a little calmer than last week. This week we will be studying bats in science. We will be using two different packets to complete that unit. It will be lots of fun. We will also be celebrating our 50th day of school this Friday. Our 50th Day is actually Thursday but we pushed the celebrations to Friday because we were able to get a 50's Dress day approved. I work at a private school where students wear uniforms, so Halloween dress or shirts aren't allowed. Having a 50's Day helps alleviate some of the frustrations over that.

Here are my plans for the week. Links to all the packets you see on the plans are below the image.

Bats: Math and Literacy Activities
Thankful Thoughts
Number Sense to 100
The Pumpkin Prayer
Pioneer Unit
Bat Bits
50's Day: Activities for the 50th Day of School
Candy Corn Mathtivities

Have a wonderful week!


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