Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mindsets in the Classroom: Chapter 6

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Today I am coming to you with my thoughts on chapter 6 of Mindsets in the Classroom. I will be linking up with the ladies of Hello Sunshine. Join us if you can.

In this chapter Ricci discusses the importance of keeping the parents connected with the growth mindset you are creating in the classroom. She also stresses the importance of encouraging them to use the same language at home. Our students need to hear praise for their efforts from parents and teachers. It helps to build their resiliency. To help with this she gives 4 steps that we can all follow.

1.Use growth mindset praise - make sure that you are praising their efforts and attempts instead of only praising the successes. She offers sample newsletter blurbs that we can reference when sending information home to parents about the language we use in the classroom and its impact on the kids.

2. Model Flexibility - Children are not naturally flexible when it comes to a change in routine, when something goes wrong, or a change of plans. This is something that they learn. One of the ways that they learn this is through observing parents as well as teachers and how they respond to these moments. They need to see us face these situations with grace, calmness, and a mindset that is prepared to try a new approach. This will help them learn to be flexible and to teach them more about the importance of a growth mindset.

3. Adopt a "glass half full" mentality in the home - Adopting this mentality will teach children to find a positive in the situations they face. "A child with "hope" believes there can be a positive side to most situations." - Mary Cay Ricci. This needs to be modeled by parents as well as teachers, with their words and their actions. Our children need to see us face all the challenges that we face with a positive attitude as well as an attitude that is prepared to try a different approach.

4. Help children find their own niche. - Our children need every opportunity to explore the options that the world has for them. They need the chance to find that area that they can really thrive in. Finding that are helps them to develop confidence in themselves and their abilities.

I love that she gave these four steps as well as the sample newsletters. I feel that these are things that parents and teachers should always be modeling for the kids in our lives. We want them to grow up to be successful and ready to face all the challenges that come their way. These are simple ways that we can help them along their journey.

I hope you are enjoying this book study and all the wonderful lessons it has to offer. Talk to you again Thursday for chapter 7.


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  1. I love the glass half full analogy! So true that we need to make sure our students know that they are supported and that there is an opportunity in every situation!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade