Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

Well this week has been a busy week. My sweet baby girl turned 1 on Thursday. Where did the time go?!! I can not believe it has been a year since that beautiful little girl came into the world. Time definitely flies. Its been fun celebrating with her and I am looking forward to all the future adventures I will share with her.

Along with that craziness came our Mother's Day projects in class. It was a beautiful project designed by my fabulous teaching partner. The kids had a lot of fun putting it together but it did take my kiddos a large amount of time because I have a group with some focus struggles. They tend to prefer chatting instead of working. It makes things entertaining but hard to complete projects in a timely manner.

The final product though is super cute. We made books out of large paper bags, scrapbook paper, and ribbons. Included in the book was a short story about their mom as a super hero, a pic of them, and 8 sentences about their moms.

For the super hero story they had to choose something that their mom was good at and turn it into a super power. For example one of my kids said their mom was good at giving hugs. She made her mom a super hugger that could make anyone feel better with a super hug. Once they did that they wrote a short story about a time when their mom used that super power to help someone. These ranged from really sweet, to adorable, to hilarious. Once they wrote them we typed it for them to glue into the book. It is definitely a writing activity worth repeating next year. To go along with their story they had to draw their mom as a super hero. An example of one is below.

With the sentences we gave them 7 prompts that they had to complete. The answers to these were really sweet. I love how honest and heartfelt first graders are. A list of the prompts are below as well as an example of a few that a student wrote.

I love my mom more than....
My mom would be good at....
If I could send my mom on vacation I would send her to....
My mom laughs when....
My mom is the best at....
My looks pretty when...
If I had $100 dollars I would buy my mom.... 

So far it has been a fun filled weekend of celebrating with my sweet girl. I look forward to spending Mother's Day with her tomorrow. I hope that all you moms out there have a beautiful Mother's Day!!


Saturday, May 2, 2015

Currently May

I can't believe it is May 2 already! My year with my little firsties is almost over. It seems like the year has gone by so quickly. I will definitely miss this group and their crazy energy. It's going to be a wild 15 final days with them as they are already in full blown summer vacation mode.

For this lovely second day of May I will be linking up with Oh Boy Fourth Grade for her monthly Currently linky. Hope you enjoy!

This morning my hubby and I are trying out the Netflix original series Daredevil. We are a super hero loving family so we will try any of these shows. Its pretty good although Superman will always be my favorite, especially the new ones with Henry Cavill.

I am loving my weekend with my little family. It has been a full year since we have had a full weekend to spend together. My hubby just finished his masters so we can look forward to many more weekends like this. I am so excited!

Along with spending the weekend together we are planning our sweet little girl's first birthday. Where has the time gone?! I can not believe she will be a year old this Thursday! She is definitely a beautiful blessing and adventure. We are excited to celebrate this milestone with her and look forward to all the adventures the new year will bring with our fearless, funny little girl.

I am in desperate need of motivation to focus and finish my lesson plans for the week. I believe my brain may have already started focusing on summer vacation. Hopefully at some point this weekend I will motivate myself to finish my work.

This summer will be a busy summer. First I get to spend all nine weeks with my sweet girl. I can't wait! I love teaching my little firsties but I really miss being a full time mommy as well. I am hoping to make my end of the summer SoCal trip a little longer so my sweet girl and I can spend more time with all our family and friends out there. I am also dreaming of being able to tag along to Texas with my hubby for a week. We haven't had a vacation together other than visiting family in SoCal since we got married. It would be a lot of fun to just travel together for a family vacation with just the 3 of us.

Well friends, have a happy Saturday and enjoy the beautiful day!


Friday, May 1, 2015

Five For Friday

Good morning! I am so excited to bring you my first Five For Friday on this beautiful first day in May.

On Monday my little firsties got to watch our local fire department help our eighth graders with a science experiment. They did an egg drop from the top of the ladder. Although they enjoyed watching all the eggs drop in their different containers, it was the ladder that was the highlight of the experience. Over half my class wrote about the ladder in their journal assignment.

Our school has a flag raising on the last Wednesday of every month. Each class takes a turn leading. This past Wednesday was our turn. My kids did such an awesome job leading pledges, reading verses, and saying the prayer. They looked and sounded so grown up. I couldn't help but flash back to how little they were at the beginning of the school year.

We began working on our Mother's Day writing. My awesome teaching partner had cute mom/superhero writing idea. They had to think of something their mom was good at and turn it into a super power that will help people. It was sweet and pretty funny to read about all the different super powers. We had everything from super hugs to super bakers to the super cleaner.It will be fun to see how it all comes together in the final product next week.

I get to plan the weekend adventures with my little family. My husband is done with his masters so this will be the first weekend in a year that we will have the entire weekend to be together with our sweet baby girl and crazy dog. I am so excited!!

This week we used the song Big House by Audio Adrenaline with one of our Bible lessons and I thought I would share it.